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FOX – Your Expert For Perfect Hedges & Pruning

FOX – Your Expert For Perfect Hedges & Pruning

FOX – Your Expert For Perfect Hedges & Pruning

Beautifully trimmed and pruned hedges provide a stunning and an aesthetically pleasing look to any private or commercial property. At Fox, we understand all facets of hedging & pruning, both for formal and informal hedges. With our expertise and skill, we will make your hedge the envy of your neighbours. Your local Fox hedging and pruning experts can provide you with neatly cut and consistently trimmed hedges and we can weed out dead and annoying branches that ruin the look of your garden. No matter the type of hedges you have, we can take care of everything from top to bottom.

Pruning is an essential activity which ensures the long-term health and shape of planted trees in your garden. At Fox, we can take care of shaping your tree by removing unwanted shrubs, branches, roots and buds, so that the tree can grow healthy and beautiful. We never compromise on our quality so that your garden hedge and trees look the very best they can all year round.

Our team of highly experienced and skilled hedging & pruning professionals are happy to come over and look after your total gardening needs. We have state-of-the-art hedging & pruning equipment that guarantees a faster rate of work then you can normally do at home making it much more affordable than you would think. We believe in quality over prices, which is why we have designed our hedging and pruning packages to be flexible and affordable for all home and business owners. Call Fox today on 1800 369 669 and see the difference a quality company can do for you.

What Are the Benefits of Having Hedges in Your Garden?

When There Are Pro’s, There Sure Will Be Cons …

One of the main disadvantages of having a hedge is that it needs tending from start through to its maturity. Another consideration is that sometimes hedges can fail to grow.

But fear not, our Fox Mowing team is always ready to serve you. Call us now so we can help you with your hedge!

Check out all our tips and tricks of the trade.

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