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How to Get Excited About Your Garden Again

How to Get Excited About Your Garden Again

Get excited about your garden. Even if you’ve neglected your outdoor space for a while, you can still turn it around with these achievable ideas

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to begin what feels like an unending task – sorting out the garden. However, it shouldn’t require a major overhaul or an investment makeover. By carrying out a series of small maintenance jobs, and at the same time making some enjoyable new additions, you’ll soon see your outdoor space transform into an area where you want to spend time tweaking each detail.

Weed untidy paving
Nothing makes a garden look unkempt quite like dandelions sprouting between paving stones and beneath railings. For a simple and effective organic way to spruce your patio, mix a weak solution of salt and hot water with a touch of vinegar and apply to the roots of weeds. This method is best reserved for areas where you won’t ever want plants to grow, though, as it will affect soil conditions.

Cater to wildlife
Making your garden into a haven for birds and other wildlife will give you a sense of altruism as well as rewarding glimpses of cute creatures. Bird boxes, bat boxes, water features, insect-friendly flowers and areas of long grass all help to encourage a diverse range of fauna and can be easy to add.

When you’re spring cleaning your exterior space, keep in mind that log and leaf piles can surprise you by doubling as insect hotels and, as such, should be tackled with caution.

Add outside seating
Having somewhere comfortable to relax while enjoying clement weather or a quiet moment is a huge plus in any garden space. The shops are filled with affordable options in every style imaginable, but, for a touch of Scandi chic, try introducing an angular, metal-framed chair or two.

Refresh gravelled areas
After a winter of wind and rain, you’re likely to have accumulated an undesirable dead leaf to gravel ratio in affected areas of your garden. After clearing away the worst of the moss and debris, adding a fresh layer of gravel will give your outdoor area a quick and easy lift.

Boost light with variegation
Use light-leaved plants, like these pale-rimmed hostas, to help illuminate shady spots. Block-plant single varieties or intersperse with bright ferns for a woodland vibe.

Plant fragrant herbs
Having easy access to fresh herbs is a wonderful way to boost your culinary repertoire as well as creating an attractive and sweet-smelling garden – and a herb bed, or even a small edible window box, can be simple to put together.

Herbs enjoy a sunny, sheltered position with well-drained soil and it’s not too late to plant them this year. Easier still, buy ready-grown plants and simply remember to water and feed them in their new home.

Go container crazy
Whether your garden is a tiny courtyard or a multi-acre plot, pots and planters lend added dimension, colour and texture to your outside space.

Accessorise as you would any interior, using pleasingly shaped containers in coordinating colours and displaying them in groups of three or five for extra impact.
Incorporate a winning colour combo
Dark blue and green is an effortlessly effective colour scheme and can be introduced in a number of ways. Garden paint brands now offer moody hues of navy and slate that will update even the most weathered of fences.

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