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House And Indoor Plants Temperature Guide

House And Indoor Plants Temperature Guide

House plants are not only pretty to look at, they are also great natural air purifiers. If you are set to becoming an impromptu botanist and have plants in your home, first you should make sure to check for information about basic rules for flowers care.

For example, regardless of how much you want to be a good botanist and have a beautiful indoors selection of flowers, you should take into account the most important thing – room temperature. Because no matter how attentive your care to your flowers is, and how much you love them and want to take care of them, if the room temperature is unsuitable for them, it is very likely that they will die soon after you have gotten them.

That is why the first thing you should do before you start having and tending to flowers in your home is to find the ones that do not only appeal to you, but are also suitable and safe to have in your climate and specific house conditions. Indoors flowers, are just flowers who can live inside – where they are deprived of some essential natural conditions – rain, sun, soil, etc., and not in the wild

There are many different types of flowers that thrive and flourish under different circumstances, temperatures and conditions. All you have to do is find the ones who will blossom under the conditions in your home.

Depending on where you live in, the climate must have seasons and variable temperatures. Of course, your flowers will be inside of your home where the temperatures do not have the wide range there is outside, but the climate will still affect your plants because of the humidity of the air as well as the temperature.

1) A sub-tropical climate (between 25°C and 40°C) can be a bit too hot for some plants, since most house plants can live ideally with temperatures between 15°C – 24°C, but some can still grow just fine with a bit higher temperatures. Some of the flowers only need to be put in sunlight and they would be fine with the temperature.

2) For a colder and more humid climate, Gardeners N1 suggests you should find house plants that love the humidity and lower temperatures. As a whole, lower temperatures can be more dangerous to plants than higher ones. But of course, there are plants that love the lower temperatures and the humidity. For example, Orchids love to be in a humid place. They love light, but not direct sunlight, and love moisture and humidity.

3) If you live in a place with mostly monsoon seasons, where there is mostly rain and no sunlight, you can try adding a nice pot of peace lily to your home. They do not need a lot of light, and love humidity. And also, a spider plant – they too love humidity a lot, and their soil needs to be humid all of the time, and they tolerate lower temperatures.

Overall, there are many plants that can be suitable for indoors life, as long as there is enough humidity and the temperatures do not go to extremes. And you can use the different exposures of your rooms and have house plants with different needs, because depending on your rooms’ location their humidity levels and room temperatures will vary. You can have a plant in your bathroom – a spider plant or a peace lily will flourish there.

But for your kitchen or bedroom, you will need plants that love more light and higher temperatures. Like aloe vera plant – it thrives in temperatures between 21°-26°C but not below 10°C, and it needs light but not direct.

So instead of using man-made machines to make your home suitable for your home temperatures, you should instead choose flowers and plants that can thrive in the conditions you have to offer.

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