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How Do I… Display Indoor Plants?

How Do I… Display Indoor Plants?

What do indoor plants add to a space? 
Plants add softness, warmth and remind us of nature, which in turn makes us happy. They’re a budget-friendly way to liven up our homes and create a sanctuary for us to retreat to.

Can I create my own pots? 
Last year we were part of the Dulux Design Collective where we used paint to transform a range of glass, ceramic and terracotta vessels that we’d picked up in op-shops. But you don’t even have to apply paint to create an eye-catching display; a collection of pots and vessels with interesting shapes and of different heights can look fabulous when displayed with greenery. 

Another idea is to propagate plants from those you already own and simply add the cuttings to glass jars for a budget-friendly yet effective green display.

How many is too many plants in a room?
Just like styling with furniture and objects in a space, it pays to take a considered approach to displaying your plants, otherwise the effect can be haphazard and somewhat unsettling.
If there are too many things happening in a room, it can be hard for your eyes to settle on any one thing at a time. Take the time to think about displaying your plants and you’ll create a more restful, relaxing space.

What are some of your favourite indoor plants? 
Devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum): Hardy, low maintenance, and easy on the eye with its climbing and trailing heart-shaped leaves. Devil’s ivy looks best hanging from shelves or in a plant hanger suspended from the ceiling or wall.

Philodendron ‘Hope’: With its busy, wide-reaching appearance this plant is great for creating a graphic look. It looks especially good paired with a slimmer, taller plant, such as a fiddle-leaf fig (ficus lyrata).

Krimson queen hoya (Hoya carnosa ‘Tricolor’): When potted into a small footed ceramic planter this plant looks undeniably cute. The pale pink and white on its leaves add a soft, romantic effect, making it the perfect bedside plant.

Could you share a couple of smart styling tips?
Keep the pots simple so the plants remain the focus. And make the most of whatever space you’ve got. Look around your home for surfaces where you can display plants – there may be more than you first realise.
Picture rails, fireplace mantels and even windowsills are like gold dust to stylists, so if your home has them, use them. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to use odd numbers of pots (such as three, five or seven). This helps keep the arrangement looking relaxed and uncontrived.

What’s a common mistake people make? 
Not caring for succulents properly is a common mistake. Most succulents need as much direct sunlight as possible, which can be hard to attain indoors. Your best bet is to display them on a sunny windowsill or in a spot close to a window that is often bathed in light. If you don’t give succulents enough light, they simply won’t thrive.

What’s good to know? 
All plants need some degree of light to thrive. If you want to add greenery to a room that gets very little sunlight, consider rotating plants to a sunnier spot every few days. The key is to ensure plants only go into indirect sunlight – direct sun can shock the plant and cause it distress.

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