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A New Lawn In One Weekend

A New Lawn In One Weekend

A new lawn is a thing of beauty that adds finesse and finish to the exterior of your home. Put aside one weekend to turn your yard into a rolling field of green this spring. If laid properly, your lawn should resemble a lush green carpet that you and your family can enjoy year after year. If you want all the benefits of a great looking new lawn, but don’t want to do it yourself, then just call Fox Mowing & Gardening 1800 369 669.

What you’ll need: A shovel, gardening gloves and a skip

How to: If you’re replacing an old lawn, it needs to be removed using a shovel. This is the hardest part of the job. Dig up the old grass and excavate down to a depth of about 100–150 millimetres. It’s a good idea to hire a skip to dispose of the removed grass and soil.

What you’ll need: Knee pads, gardening gloves and weed killer

How to: All weeds must be removed from the area, otherwise they will sprout up through your new grass. This is a matter of getting down on your hands and knees and pulling out any weeds by the roots. An easier way is to spray the area with a weed killer containing glyphosate (such as Roundup). However, you have to leave the area alone for two weeks before continuing to lay your lawn.

What you’ll need: Sand, a shovel and a rake

How to: Lay down sandy soil or washed river sand to make a solid bed with good drainage. The sand should be at least 50 millimetres thick. Sand can be ordered by the cubic metre; to figure out how much you need, simply multiply the size of your lawn by the depth of the sand. If your lawn area is 6 x 5 metres and you need sand to a depth of 100 millimetres, then 6 x 5 x 1 = 3 cubic metres of sand. Use a shovel and rake to spread out the sand evenly.

What you’ll need: A soil leveller

How to: This is a very important step. Getting the sand nice and level will translate into a flat, even lawn. A soil leveller can be bought or hired from most large hardware stores. Use it to make the sand smooth, even and level.

What you’ll need: Fertiliser, a hose and a rake

How to: Evenly spread out organic fertiliser so the whole area is covered. Start in a far corner and use a rake to spread it evenly and smoothly. This will encourage root growth and help keep the lawn healthy. Give the entire area a light watering to wet down the soil.

What you’ll need: Rolls of turf and shears

How to: This is the fun part. Turf comes in rolls approximately 200 x 50 centimetres. The sooner it’s unrolled and positioned, the better. Start by laying the turf against paths or any hard edges. As you position each roll, butt it up hard against the adjoining roll. This will stop the joins from showing and encourage the rolls to grow together. Use a set of shears to trim the turf so it fits around any trees, pavers or steps.

What you’ll need: A hose and a sprinkler

How to: The turf should be watered as soon as you finish laying it. Don’t be stingy – it’s almost impossible to over-water. A good soaking will help bed down the rolls and get the fertiliser working. The lawn will need to be watered every day for the next 7-14 days, so it’s probably worthwhile buying a sprinkler.

What you’ll need: A lawn roller (40-50 kilograms)

How to: Roll with a lawn roller to ensure all the grass roots are in contact with the soil. It will also help even out any minor bumps or rises.

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