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Our Top 5 Things to Do in the Garden During October

Our Top 5 Things to Do in the Garden During October

1. Maintain your roses
Deadhead (remove) spent flowers of newly planted roses and cut blooms with short stems to encourage more flowers on repeat flowering varieties. If you cut just above a leaf with five leaflets you should get a new flower appearing within a few weeks

BONUS TIP: Pick roses early in the morning or evening and put the stems straight into a deep container of tepid water up to base of flowers. Re-cut under water a few millimetres up stems. Keep vases topped up with water and position away from direct sunlight.

2. Protect against late frosts
In cooler areas there’s always the risk of a cold spell in October just when you thought it was safe to plant out your tender seedlings. It’s best to keep cloches and frost cloth handy to cover your seedlings at night, but don’t forget to remove them in the morning.

3. Repot orchids 
Once flowering is over, orchids in containers can be repotted using a good orchid mix. Alternatively, make your own moisture-retentive mix using sandy soil, charcoal and fine bark.

4. Sow seed for herbs, edibles and summer flowers
Sowing seed is much cheaper than buying seedlings, and more rewarding in lots of ways, although it does take a little more time. There are many online seed suppliers with extensive catalogues these days. Depending on the temperature in your region plant either directly into the garden or in trays for planting out later once seedlings have formed.

5. Sow sunflowers
Sunflowers are perfect for children to sow as seeds are easy to handle and plants are fast growing and easy to care for. What’s more, the flowers are great for picking. Sweet peas are also easy seeds for children to sow.

PLANTING TIPS: Choose a sunny position in well-drained soil and plant taller varieties near the fence. Stake as they get taller. Sunflowers can be grown in pots, but choose good-quality potting mix and use a very large container.

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