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The Q & As Of Buying A Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchise

The Q & As Of Buying A Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchise

Why Choose Fox Mowing?

By joining Fox Mowing & Gardening you get to take advantage of the 25+ years of experience we have in the industry.

Over the years we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in the franchised mowing and gardening business in Australia, so when we set up Fox Mowing & Gardening in late 2012 our plan was to package all the good things we have experienced and forget about the rest.

Quite simply this means Larger territories, Fairer Fees, Bigger Opportunities, More Personalised Service, and a real Turnover Guarantee.

What one of our franchise owners said recently who used to have a franchise with one of the bigger names, sums it up perfectly!

“… what a difference compared to the bigger name I was with previously, fairer pricing and fees all round, a meaningful work guarantee when starting out, much better support both on the job and with the admin/business side, and most importantly, more work when I need it, chalk and cheese between them, Fox really has nailed it…”
Sam, Sydney.

We certainly have a great team with a lot of depth (our management team has a combined 70 plus years experience in the industry). Due to this and our more personalised approach to franchise support, we can tailor our initial and ongoing training to your requirements, rather than have a one size fits all mentality. We listen to what you need and do our best to provide that.

Check out what one of our newest franchise owners said!

“At this stage, I do not think that there could be better support being provided to prepare the new franchise owners like me better. And in any case, if I need some help as I “go” I know that I’ll get the maximum of help and support”.
Andriy, Melbourne.

Fox commenced in late 2012, which means we are used to the modern way of generating leads and work. We are not hamstrung by historical and old fashioned approaches to advertising. Fox Mowing & Gardening is a modern brand, created in todays environment. If you need proof, simply compare the look of our trailers to the rest! We think you will agree, the Fox image is number one, everything else is a distant second.

“I fell so proud driving around with the logo that stands out a million miles and catches everyone’s eye.” Andy, Perth.

The goals of all these activities is to help you build the best business that you can. With personalised service and the help you need to develop your skills and develop your Fox business the way you want, we are sure you will be a success with Fox Mowing & Gardening.

What Is The Risk?

Commencing any business is a significant decision and there is always risk involved. We do not promise that you’ll get rich fast. On the contrary, this is a real business that requires real work and time to develop. But if you put in the time and effort, the rewards can be numerous.

To help, you have the support of the founder Phil Maunder, and our management team’s 70+ years experience in the industry. While your success is not guaranteed, you will become part of a group that works together to help each other achieve their potential.

With overall smaller numbers of franchise owners the team of Fox franchise owners is more like a family, in contrast to a larger organisation which has too many rules and policies, and where you get treated as a number.

Please take your time to do your research. Speak with our franchise owners and find out the truth about how much money they make, what it was like when they started and how much time and effort they put into their business each week.

Best yet, arrange with us to spend a ‘try out day’ in the field with one of our trainers.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

It is a must! You need to and we thoroughly encourage it! If fact we encourage you to spend more than just one day in the field before you decide to buy.

Spending a day or two in the field with a current Fox franchise owner is a great opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to run a Fox Mowing & Gardening franchise.
You see first hand what type of money they make, and how much effort goes into making that money. You will see how our system works have access to the inner workings of the business.
In just about all cases, experiencing a try out day will give you the confidence that you can be successful.

“What I learned in my try out day was 10 out of 10. I learned about quotes, how to use the tools, customer communication, also Craig gave me confidence that I could do the job. Not sure that anything could have been covered in more detail, it was all covered well, Craig said if I need more help he’s willing to give it, so 10 out of 10. Thanks very much Craig for your help and advice.“
Phil, Melbourne.

Why Buy With Fox, Rather Than Do It Myself?

Many people who are looking at entering the lawn and gardening business consider going into business themselves.

Some succeed, but there are a lot of obstacles, and you will:

Have to set up all your own marketing and try your best to find clients. In the modern world of website, online marketing etc, this is a difficult and time-consuming task and requires ongoing maintenance. If you want to do it right, it is also very costly.

Have to work everything out yourself (quoting, advice on jobs) rather than use the expert knowledge of your Fox Franchisor, Fox Office Staff, and other Fox franchise owners.

Have to operate without any brand identity and spend years building trust in the marketplace.

Have to pay top dollar for all your equipment/insurance and other services without the group buying power and the expert knowledge to help you buy the right equipment/services in the first place.

Have the frustration and cost of having to work out all the systems alone – including difficult things like OH&S requirements.

Struggle with turnover in the early stages of your business. With Fox you have the safety of our simple to understand and simple to claim Turnover Guarantee.

Probably earn a lot less money (Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchisees typically earn 20-40% more than independent mowing contractors).

Is Finance Available To Hep Me Purchase A Fox Franchise?

We have done our best to make Fox Mowing & Gardening franchises as affordable as possible, however, we do have a few different finance options to help you. These vary from State to State and may also depend on the demand we have for our services in certain areas.

Our State Franchisors have also developed excellent relationships with finance brokers which will be able to assist you in getting a great deal that is right for you.

What Form Of Initial Training Is There?

Depending on your skill set, we tailor your initial training to your needs. Therefore we will sit down with you to work out the areas you need training in and provide this for you, rather than re-train you in areas you are already proficient in. We believe this will be more beneficial to you and provide you with the necessary skills you will need from day one to be as successful as you can.
For example, if you have come from a sales/customer service background, you will most probably need more help in the initial stages in developing your gardening skills, rather than sale skills.
Conversely, if your back ground is in the lawn and garden area (horticulturist, greenkeeper etc), you will no doubt need more sales and customer care training.

All our initial training is completed in your home State at no cost to you. This means you can start your Fox business more quickly and start earning an income sooner.

Is There A Turnover Guarantee?

Yes. The Fox Turnover Guarantee is available to you as a “safety net”. The Fox Turnover Guarantee guarantees you a turnover of at least $30,000 in your first 6 months. Sure there are a few conditions, but in simple terms, if your turnover is less that this, the balance is made up to you.

The Fox Turnover Guarantee is simple to understand and simple to claim.

In reality, very few Fox franchise owners have to make a Turnover Guarantee claim. Most earn more than the Turnover Guarantee level, but it is nice to know it is there.

Will I Get Enough Work?

Over the last 12 months, we have sent out an average of 1800 plus leads per month, which means that over any 12 month period there is no shortage of new leads.

We are in a seasonal business, so some months will be quieter than we expect or want, however, some months will be busier as well. Like any seasonal business you need to ‘make hay while the sun shines’, and if you do this you will quickly see your diary filling up.

One of the great things about the Mowing and Gardening business is that many clients become regular, and many others will use you once or twice per year. This means that your diary will start to fill quickly and as the months progress and you will naturally need less new leads from the office.

“My goal was to earn $300 a day, but I’m making over $400 a day within 3 months!” Ben, Perth.

Where To From Here?

The first step is to catch up in person to talk about what you want and how a Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchise can help you achieve this.

We will then arrange for you to spend a day or two with our of our experienced franchise owners in the field. This will give you an excellent understanding of how we operate and you will experience first hand what it is like to run a Fox Mowing & Gardening business.

During this time you will be able to check our Franchise Agreement and associated documentation.

Once you give us a firm commitment that you want to commence we can normally get you up and running within four weeks. During this time we will arrange your training as well as your trailer and equipment.

Enquire now.


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