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Solutions For A Weed Free Lawn

Solutions For A Weed Free Lawn

Weeds are opportunistic, invasive and just plain annoying: they are the bane of all proud lawn owners. They will compete with lawn plants for essential resources such as water, oxygen and nutrients in the soil.

Weeds are the most common issue lawn owners face. They are a real problem that usually lead to wasted time and money trying to solve the weed issue. The reason you have the weeds in the first place is because you have a lawn variety that doesn’t suppress weeds. You need a soft leaf buffalo lawn and you need a very good one like ‘Sir Walter’ as this one has proven itself over the years as the premium choice. The best solution is to remove the existing lawn and install a brand new ‘Sir Walter’ DNA Certified lawn. No more weeds, no more pests to worry about, it even handles the shade and it will survive the wet season no worries.
Weeds will take full advantage of a lawn that is in its dormant phase over the cooler months and a lawn that is struggling or not in the best of health.

Lawn solutions for a weed free lawn include maintaining a good lawn care regime of mowing, watering and fertilising which will help your lawn to be strong and healthy and minimise the opportunity for weeds to take hold and take over your lawn.

Weeds need to be dealt with as soon as they appear to stop the invasion, particularly during colder months when your lawn is essentially asleep providing the opportunity for them to take over.

Controlling weeds in the lawn:

Weeds can be removed by hand but make sure that all the root system is removed. Younger weeds will be easier to remove. This method must be done before the weeds are allowed to go to seed in order to stop them from spreading to another part of your lawn. While this may be the healthiest and least traumatic option for your lawn, it is very labour intensive and time-consuming exercise.
Apply a weed control product or herbicide. Herbicides are divided into two main categories; selective and non-selective and it is critical that you choose the right one. Some non-selective herbicides can be damaging to different varieties of lawns like Sir Walter Buffalo grass, killing it along with the weeds. Choosing a selective herbicide requires you to first identify the type of weeds in your lawn and choosing a product that targets those types of weeds.

There are many different herbicide products available with many different active ingredients. Your local lawn care specialist, hardware or gardening store can help when you are armed with the knowledge of the variety of lawn you have and the types of weeds present, then you will be able to get the right advice for what weeds you are dealing with so you can be on your way to a weed free lawn.

It is important to carefully read all of the attached instructions prior to use and apply only as directed. Always avoid skin contact with weed control products. The manufacturer’s instructions will also inform you of whether or not the product is safe for use around pets and children. In some instances, it may be advisable to keep them away for a period of time after application, usually 24 hours.

Weed killers are also more effective during the growing season; the warmer months.

Many herbicides are now available in:

Hose-on options

Choose the application you are most comfortable with to ensure the correct dosage for your lawn. Measure your lawn to make sure that you are applying the right amount.

The process for applying a weed control product:

Fertilise your lawn a week or two before the application to encourage the weeds to grow above the level of the lawn to make them easier to identify and treat.
Don’t mow your lawn before or after the weed control application; give the product time to work through the weed from the leaves to the root system.
Water the lawn lightly before application or apply the weed killer early in the morning to
take advantage of the dew present.
Don’t water your lawn for 48 hours after application.

If you engage someone to mow your lawn make sure that their mower, edger and other equipment is cleaned prior to being used on your property. Seeds of weeds can easily be introduced to your lawn by being transported from someone else’s yard. Take care when bringing new turf or soil into your yard as these too may bring unwanted weeds with them.

The best weed control method is always to ensure that your lawn remains in the best possible health all year long. This will give any weeds less opportunity to move in and take over.

This article is thanks to Lawn Soultions Australia.

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