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Starting Your Own Business Can Be Scary, Just Ask Mick & Melinda

Starting Your Own Business Can Be Scary, Just Ask Mick & Melinda

Starting your own business can be scary.  We know… just ask our franchise owners Mick & Melinda from Wyndham Vale.  Mick & Melinda finally launched their Fox Mowing business more than a year after they initially enquired with Fox Mowing.

When it comes to making the change from working at a job for a boss, to being responsible for your own livelihood, it can be really daunting.  There are so many things to think about – opinions and advice from friends and family, the initial cost of establishing the business, will there be enough work, will there be support, what if it doesn’t work, and so on.  It’s no wonder you can easily talk yourself out of making the leap of faith on your own abilities.

Mick & Melinda went through the exact same process.  More than six months into their business, they gave us this testimonial:

We commenced operating as a Fox franchise owner in July 2019.

In our first six months of operation, we turned over approximately $2,200 per week, before expenses, as a couple working together.

We receive on average 15-20 leads per week.

We are happy for Fox Mowing Victoria to present our Weekly Customer statistics as an example of how our business developed.

We have found the state franchisor’s service and support extremely helpful to our business, they are always available whatever the need may be.

Some of the support we have been given include:

Help with quoting, invoicing and even onsite support with clients.

They always follow up to see what our outcome was.

Advice on lawn, plants, pruning etc.

Help with difficult clients (not that there have been many).

Advice on the equipment we use and maintenance tips.

Extensive training at no cost.

Help with administration, insurance and book keeping.

We are happy to be contacted by anyone interested or looking into a Fox Mowing and Gardening franchise.

Mick and Mel

Fox Mowing & Gardening (Wyndham Vale)

If you’ve been considering running your own gardening business for a while, why not give Mick & Melinda a call.  They too have been in your place before they took the plunge!

For full information on all our available franchises contact us  via our franchise opportunities webpage or call us on 1800 369 669.

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