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Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Boss?

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Boss?

Just Listen To What Our Franchise Owners Say!

“My goal was to earn $300 a day, but I’m making over $400 a day within 3 months!” Ben, Fox franchise owner since Jan 2017.

“I fell so proud driving around with the logo that stands out a million miles and catches everyone’s eye.” Andy, Fox franchise owner since June 2015.

“Fox has kept me so busy, I actually look forward to the quiet times so I can have a rest!”. Lee, Fox franchise owner since Nov 2014.

We now have 72 successful franchise owners and have grown by more than 50% in the last 12 months.
Our Fox Franchise Owners are enjoying plentiful work from significant territories and are growing steadily.

The Perfect Time To Start!
If you are still keen on having a go at running your own profitable and enjoyable Mowing & Gardening business, then have a look at we offer:

We will only ever be Fox Mowing & Gardening. There will never be a Fox Cleaning or anything else FOX!
This means our brand will never be diluted, and you can develop your business and skills the way you want and your business will never be impacted by other franchise owners offering services which may impact you and compete with you (Example: Handyman, Landscaping, Trees Franchisees).
It also means you can develop your skills the way you want, when you want – new lawns, soft landscaping etc.

A Real Turnover Guarantee.
Fox offers a real Turnover Guarantee which is easy to understand and easy to claim.

Lower overall franchise numbers = more personalised serviced.

Fox is new and fresh – The New Name in Mowing & Gardening.

Fairer Fees, Larger Territories, Bigger opportunities!

We still have excellent ground floor opportunities available.

Get in touch with one of our State Franchisors to learn more about franchising with Fox.

NSW / QLD: Leo Lazich: 0439 369 669
VIC / ACT: Ian MacLean: 0418 566 350
SA / WA: Ron Groot: 0411 588 546

Or simply contact us via or drop us an email at or click here.

Fox Franchises are available from $16,000* plus trailer and equipment.
*Prices vary slightly from State to State.

Fox Mowing & Gardening
Australia’s new name in Mowing & Gardening

72 Franchise Owners Australia Wide
Average of 1,800+ leads per month!
1,350+ Positive Online Recommendations!
3,650+ Facebook Likes!
50,000 + Jobs Quoted

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