5 Top Ground Covers for Your Garden

Leaving your soil uncovered in the garden is a bit like walking around in the hot sun with no hat – you’re asking for trouble. Bare soil is a magnet for weeds, their seeds blown into your garden by the wind or dropped by birds. Topsoil or potted plants can also contain weed seeds.  However, weeds are only part of the problem with exposed...

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FOX Mowing & Gardening – See Us At The Melbourne Franchising Expo

See Us At The Melbourne Franchising Expo Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Sat 25th - Sun 26th August 2018 Open daily 10am - 5pm Fox Mowing & Gardening are a premier gardening and mowing service with thousands of happy clients throughout the country. Fox Mowing comprises individuals with decades of experience in the game. We...

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Fox Mowing & Gardening – Now Open In Hervey Bay

Your local Fox Mowing & Gardening expert in Hervey Bay is Scott Lewis. Having worked in the food manufacturing industry for over 20 years, and with an opportunity for he and his wife to move to their dream location of Hervey Bay, Scott moved from Sydney to Sunny North QLD to join Fox and startup his own mowing business. Now as a local, Scott...

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How Do I… Prepare my Winter Garden so it’s Ready for Spring?

The warmer months will be here before you know it – here's what you can do now to reduce your garden workload in spring. While you may not feel much like gardening when it’s chilly outside, put a little work in now and you’ll reap the benefits with a garden that’s ready to enjoy come spring.  Adapt your routine for the season Stick...

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Winter – The Smartest Time To Start A Gardening Business. Call Fox Today!

The best time to start a Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchise is in Winter. This may sound strange, but starting in Winter gives you the opportunity to find your feet and get yourself organised before the madness of Spring and Summer. This also means you can make the most of the good times ahead and make most of the opportunities of that Spring and...

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Natural Weed-Control Tips

The definition of a weed is a wild plant growing where it’s not wanted, threatening to out-compete cultivated varieties or simply in the wrong place. If you want to remove weeds but don’t want to use chemicals, which can leave residues in our water, there are a few alternatives to try. Knuckle down Good old-fashioned elbow grease is...

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Fox Mowing & Gardening, Now Servicing Cairns & Northern NSW.

This week we welcome Dennis to our team in Queensland. Dennis is our first franchise owner in Far North Queensland and is based in Cairns. Growing up in Holland, Dennis completed his butcher/small goods qualification before setting out travelling the globe – living and working in Europe, New Zealand, Spain, South America and Canada (just to name...

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