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Waiting for the spring, so that you can enjoy your beautiful garden once again can be very frustrating. In case you are worried that the frost and the cold weather might kill the flowers for which you’ve been taking care for so long, you can choose to plant such kinds which will be strong enough to survive. There is a big variety of frost-tolerant flowers from which you can choose that will certainly make a good addition to your garden. They won’t require so much cares and it will be also very easy to find them.

Choosing to plant flowers which tolerate low temperatures and bloom early will definitely be a smart decision for your garden. The weather conditions can easily change, so there is no way you can predict every time when a frost might appear. Instead of worrying all the time about the condition and good looks of your garden, you can rely on the more resistant kinds of flowers which will not only make your real estate property more beautiful but will be also easier to maintain.

The plant hardiness rating which you can usually find on the tag of the flower can tell you more about the resistance of the plant. When you are looking for frost-tolerant kinds, there should be lower numbers on the tag. The high ones will tell you that the flower will develop better in a warmer environment. Of course, in case you are not certain which kind to choose you can always consult with the specialists in the shop. Just in case, here are some frost-tolerant flowers provided by gadeners in Tooting that will be perfect for your garden:

Diascia – In case you live in an area where the frost appears early, you can plant a diascia in your garden. This flower blooms during all seasons. It will certainly make a great addition to your garden because of its beautiful look and resistance. This trailing flower has small leaves with oval shape and you can also choose from a variety of colours. It won’t be hard to take care of this plant and it will definitely make your garden more beautiful.

Nemesia – The nemesia is a very beautiful flower which might remind you of the edging lobelia and the orchid. You can plant this flower in the corners of your garden, where it can receive a little shade in the afternoons, or somewhere in the central part where it will get a lot of sun during the day. The nemesia needs soil which contains a lot of minerals that will help it grow faster. The cool temperature will only enhance the growth of the plant.

Violets – Growing violets in your garden is actually very easy. You won’t have to dedicate a lot of time to them because they can pretty much take care of themselves. They have leaves in the form of hearts and delicate flowers with purple colour. It is possible also to find white and yellow violets. The plant is resistant to the low and high temperatures and can easily survive a frost.

Snapdragons – This is another great flower which can blooms early in the spring. It can make your garden more colourful than ever and will combine perfectly with the flowers we mentioned above. You can plant the snapdragon during the late winter and not worry about it any more. The frost won’t affect this flower and all you will have to do later is water it regularly.

Now you have the chance to improve the look of your garden by adding several kinds of frost-tolerant flowers. The best thing about them is that they won’t need as much cares as some other plants and will be more resistant to the changing weather conditions.


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